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Registration now open for Fall 2016 courses

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(Space is not confirmed until we receive your check AND you get an email back from us!.  If the course you are apply for is full  then any checks already in the mail will be put on a standby basis or returned to you)


Note: This course is Basic Pistol and Firearms Safety.  It is NOT Hunter Education 

Course Schedule for 2016

September 201619 and 22, Monday and Thursday nights 10
October 201617 and 20, Monday and Thursday nights 10
November 201616 and 19, Weds. night, Sat. afternoon 10

March 2016TBD  0
April 2016TBD
May 2016TBD  0

Please Read Carefully Before Registering!

Course Policies:

Participants must attend both class days. Some courses  are Monday./Thursday. nights and others are Weds./Sat. 

For the Monday / Thursday night courses the times will be approximately 6:00 to 10:30 PM on both nights

For the Weds / Sat. courses the hours are 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM on Wednesday evening and 12:00 PM to 6:30 PM on Saturday. 

Instructions will include class presentations and live fire practice. 

The fee is now $100.00  and covers the cost of training materials and ammunition.  Enrollment is limited to 10 students per course and you must be at least 21 years of age. Students should meet the requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a FID or License to Carry (e.g. residency, US citizenship, background checks, etc.) in order to attend.  A signed W.S.A. liability statement is required before a student may attend the course.

(Firearms will be provided by the instructors for training)

Pre-paid registrations are required and will be on a first come, first serve basis determined by the payment receipt date.  Your class position will not be reserved until your payment has been received.  Once your payment has been received, if you can not attend the course for any reason, you must notify the course manager at least 14 days before the first class, otherwise, you will forfeit your payment.  Anyone who does not attend both class days, or fully complete the course, will also forfeit his or her payment.   Missed classes cannot be rescheduled or made-up.

In the event you registered for a course and did not attend, did not attend both class days, or fully complete the course, you may register for another course at most one time.  If you did not have to                             forfeit your payment, that payment can be applied to the second course.  If you had to forfeit your payment, a second payment will be required to register for the second course according to the registration rules.  If you do not attend or fully complete the second course for any reason, you will forfeit your payment and you will not be allowed to register for another course again.  There is no 14 day notification period for a second course registration.  You must attend and complete the second course or forfeit your payment.

Please be on time for the classes.  There is a lot of material to cover.  If you miss a significant portion of the course as deemed by the course manager, you run the risk of not completing the course, not receiving your certificate, and forfeiting your payment.  Please allow plenty of time for delays and traffic conditions.

If less than six students register for a course, or due to any other circumstances, the course manager reserves the right to cancel the course at any time and provide a full refund.  The course will not count towards any registration limits.

Safety...First, Last and Always

Registration Procedure:

To register for a course, please send email to  with the following information:

  1. Which course date you are interested in attending

  2. Your name as it appears on your driver's license

  3. Your home address (street, city, state and zip)

  4. Your telephone number (including area code)

  5. Your date of birth (required for your state training certificate)
    Note: You must be at least 21 years old to take this course.

  6. A statement saying you understand the course policies as stated.

Please note:
You do not have to send me any additional driver's license information.
Using the name as specified on your driver's license ensures that at least one piece of personal identification will match the name on the Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety Certificate in case any licensing authority checks.

After receiving the above information, I will email you the address where you can send your check and a phone number to call in case you have any questions or problems.  Send your payment as soon as possible to reserve your class position.  The course fills quickly, so don't delay!


***  Note:  Due to the shortage of supplies from the NRA the course materials may be LOANED to the students for the duration of the course. Students wishing to permanently own the materials must purchase them separately ***